Place & Economics
Place & Economics

What Is Place-Based Economic Development?

A Talent-Driven Approach

Talent has become a key driver for companies large and small. Firms have to be able to attract, cultivate and retain the highly sought after knowledge worker. To foster economic growth, communities and regions must provide the quality of life sought by these in-demand employees, and the companies that employ them

Quality of Place Matters

Today's workforce demands vibrant, walkable neighborhoods, active downtowns and engaging mixed-use environments. Successful communities and regions recognize these trends as an opportunity to become more economically competitive by improving their quality of life through enhanced quality of place

Integration and Facilitation

We facilitate Place-Based Economic Development through an integrated, multidisciplinary approach. Our breadth of experience in Real Estate, Urban Planning, Placemaking and Corporate Site Selection can help you break down silos to produce meaningful and measurable results for your community

About Us

Leaders in the Field

The Place & Economics group was formed as a collaborative of experts in the fields of Economic Development, Site Selection, Placemaking and Real Estate Development. 

Our team leverages decades of experience working with public and private sector clients to provide a talent-driven approach to Place-Based Economic Development. 

Harnessing the Market for Talent

How - and where - we choose to work has undergone seismic shifts in recent years.  Gone are the days where isolated, auto-oriented campuses dominated the landscape. In today's experiential economy, there is a renewed emphasis on human interaction with a more open source flow of ideas and concepts to drive innovation. 

An Integrated, Cross-Silo Approach

By integrating once disparate silos, our place-based approach to economic development fosters meaningful and measurable results for communities that seek economic growth and for companies that wish to better serve the needs of their workforce and improve their bottom line. 

Our Founding Members

Brandon Palanker

Brandon is a developer and urbanist with two decades experience in downtown revitalization and suburban reinvention.  With his focus on mixed-use, walkable development, Brandon recognizes the strong intersect between placemaking and economic development.

President of 3BL Strategies, Brandon is a board member of the Real Estate Institute at Stony Brook University and Form Based Codes Institute. He is a member of Urban Land Institute's Mixed-Use Development Council and Center for Leadership.

Phil Schneider

Phil has 30+ years of management consulting experience in corporate global location strategy, site selection, incentives negotiation, and economic development, including 18 years leading Deloitte Consulting’s Location Strategy and Global Expansion Optimization practice. 

Phil is currently the President of Schneider Strategy Consulting LLC  where he continues to provide strategic location advisory services. He is a current board member and immediate past Chairman of the Site Selectors Guild.

Maggie Kuhn

Maggie is a seasoned communications professional with 30 years of experience in marketing, public relations, media relations, community relations, journalism and placemaking. She currently operates her own communications consulting practice in Milwaukee, WI.

She is a member of the Milwaukee  Downtown Placemaking Committee and chairs the programming committee for the Sculpture Milwaukee initiative. She is a recipient of Southwest Airline’s Heart of the Community placemaking grant.

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